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Starter Kits

All Sarissaprobes and Sarissagold are available to purchase in kit form. Ideal for first time users, they come with all of the associated materials to use the sensors straight out of the box (potentiostat not included).

Each starter kit contains

  • 1 pack of 5 analyte sensors
  • 1 pack of 5 comparator sensors (for differential measurements)
  • 1 calibration vessel
  • 2 storage bottles
  • 2 connector leads
  • 2 Ag/AgCl references

Starter kits are available in the following combinations:


  • ATP starter kit includes ATP and null sensors
  • Adenosine starter kit includes ADO and INO sensors
  • Inosine starter kit includes INO and HYP sensors
  • Hypoxanthine starter kit includes HYP and null sensors
  • Acetylcholine starter kit includes ACH and CHO sensors
  • Choline starter kit includes CHO and null sensors
  • Glutamate starter kit includes GLU and null sensors
  • Glucose starter kit includes GLUC and null sensors
  • Lactate starter kit includes LAC and null sensors
  • D-serine starter kit includes DSER and null sensors
Product codes for starter kits:
product type-analyte-length-diameter

For example:

0.5 mm x 50 μm sarissaprobe® ATP starter kit, product code is SBK-ATP-05-50.
1 mm x 50 μm sarissagold GLU starter kit, product code is SGK-GLU-10-50.
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