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Sarissaprobes® are microelectrode biosensors that have a thin enzymatic biolayer on top of a permselectivity layer to give fast responding, sensitive and selective biosensors.

They are ideal for real-time recordings in a variety of tissues in vitro and in vivo and can be used in combination with electrophysiological techniques (extracellular recording, patch clamp recording) as well as fluorescent imaging methods.

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Left: three biosensors inserted into area CA1 of hippocampal slice, combined with extracellular stimulation and recordings of the fEPSP as used in Frenguelli et al (2007) J Neurochem 101:1400-1413. Right: a sarissaprobe®.

3 tips linear
Sarissaprobes® tips are available in 3 diameters. The 25 and 50 µm diamater sensors are on Pt/Ir base assemblies, whereas the 7 µm diameter sensor are on carbon fibre base assemblies.

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