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Our new dual channel, low-noise potentiostat is now here, made for us, to our design, by Whistonbrook Technologies Ltd. This is an extremely cost effective solution to enable our customers to make dual biosensor recordings.


  • Two Working Electrodes (Channel 1 and Channel 2)
  • Applied potential: switchable External/Internal +/-2V
  • Current Output: 4 current ranges  1nA/V, 10nA/V, 100nA/V, 1µA/V,
  • Current Output Filter: switchable No Filter, 10Hz, 1Hz, 0.1Hz (5th order Bessel)
  • Optional 50Hz Notch Filter
  • Differential Output: Channel 1 minus Channel 2
  • Rechargeable Batteries: 2000mAh, at least 100 hours continuous operation

(Manipulator for illustrative purposes only -not included with potentiostat)

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