New ATP, adenosine and glutamate papers

11 February 2014 at 00:00:00 by sarissa2

Congratulations to the authors of recent papers that use a selection of our biosensors.

This paper features our ATP biosensors:

Lalo U, Palygin O, Rasooli-Nejad S, Andrew J, Haydon PG, Pankratov Y (2014) Exocytosis of ATP From Astrocytes Modulates Phasic and Tonic Inhibition in the Neocortex. PLoS Biol 12: e1001747.

These two papers study different forms of adenosine release with our ADO biosensors:

Sims RE, Dale N (2014) Activity-dependent adenosine release may be linked to activation of Na+-K+ ATPase: an in vitro rat study. PLoS ONE 9: e87481.

Wall MJ, Dale N (2013) Neuronal transporter and astrocytic ATP exocytosis underlie activity-dependent adenosine release in the hippocampus. J Physiol 591, 3853-3871.

This paper uses our glutamate biosensors:

Mazzone GL, Mladinic M, Nistri A (2013) Excitotoxic cell death induces delayed proliferation of endogenous neuroprogenitor cells in organotypic slice cultures of the rat spinal cord. Cell Death and Disease 4:e902

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