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What can I do with the sarissagold biosensors?

These biosensors are highly selective and are suitable for use in complex fluids with high concentrations of interferences. We have successfully tested them in whole unprocessed blood and plasma/serum. They allow detection of sub-micromolar amounts of analyte in whole unprocessed blood. Essentially they can be used as a dip test into blood or plasma/serum and give a reading within a few minutes.

As they respond more slowly than the sarissaprobe® biosensors we do not recommend them for performing real time physiological measurements.


Are they used the same way as sarissaprobe® biosensors?

Not quite -the operating potential of the biosensor is in the range 0 to -50 mV with respect to the Ag/AgCl reference electrode, and the biosensors detect a reduction current rather than the oxidation current of the sarissaprobe® biosensors -in simple terms the signal is upside down!

The sarissagold sensors are a little more complex to use than the sarissaprobe® biosensors so we strongly recommend that you speak to us to get advice.


How many times can I use a sarissagold biosensors?

It depends on what you are using it for. In whole blood you will probably be able to make 2-3 separate measurements before, the blood "kills" the biosensor. In simpler fluids such as plasma, you will be able to make more measurements. In continuous use the biosensors retain sensitivity for about 5 hours.


What size are the sarissagold biosensors?

They come in one standard size only: 1 mm length, 50 µm diameter. If you have requirements for a different size please contact us.


What analytes can you detect with sarissagold biosensors?

We can make sarissagold biosensors for the same range of analytes as the sarissaprobe® biosensors.

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