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Glutamate toxicity and meningitis

Sarissa's glutamate biosensors used to measure glutamate release in brain in a model of meningitis. The authors show that pneumolysin causes glutamate release from astrocytes and induce excytotoxic damage. See the paper:

Wippel C, Maurer J, Fortsch C, Hupp S, Bohl A, Ma J, Mitchell TJ, Bunkowski S, Bruck W, Nau R, Iliev AI (2013) Bacterial Cytolysin during Meningitis Disrupts the Regulation of Glutamate in the Brain, Leadi ... Read More

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Sarissaprobes enter the kidney

In a departure from applications of our biosensors to Neuroscience, researchers in the Medical College of Wisconsin have used ATP and Null sarissaprobes to record ATP release and peroxide production in the kidney. This is the first published work using Sarissa's biosensors in the kidney.

In their recent paper "Real-tim ... Read More

24 April 2013 at 12:31:00 by sarissa2

See our biosensors in action

To share with you all the beauty of biosensor recordings we have created a set of Examples pages that illustrate recordings of various sarissaprobes in action. These will be continually updated, so watch this space!


ATP conversion

Mon ... Read More

25 April 2013 at 00:00:00 by sarissa2

Adenosine and homeostatic control of synaptic activity

A new paper using Sarissa's adenosine biosensors shows the importance of adenosine kinase in regulating the release of adenosine in brain. This important evidence supports the idea that adenosine kinase is a a key therapeutic target for treating neurological conditions such as epilepsy.

Diogenes MJ, Raquel NT, Fucile S, Martinello, K, Scianni M, Theofilas, P Lopatar J,  Ribiero JA, Maggi L, Frenguelli BG, Limatola C, Boison D, S ... Read More

15 November 2012 at 00:00:00 by sarissa2

New paper and commentary

Congratulations to the group of Dr Beata Sperlagh who have recently had a paper accepted in the British Journal of Pharmacology. This paper is notable in that it uses several different Sarissa products including biosensors for ATP, adenosine and glutamate.

Heinrich A, Ando R, Turi G, Rozsa B, Sperlagh B (2012) K+ depolarization evokes ATP, adenosine and glutamate release from glia in rat hippocampus: a microelectrode b ... Read More

18 July 2012 at 00:00:00 by sarissa2
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